Protect the Dome!

You are the lead mechanical engineer of the world’s first Martian BioDOME. It’s a lucrative job, good pay, great perks. The only downside is that your bosses, Ed and Elon, are a bit particular. And you just got word that they’re coming to visit.

Like a true mechanical engineer, you are lazy, and the DOME and you are in charge of protecting has seen better days. In order to keep your job, you need to get all of your affairs in order before your bosses arrive.

Start by filling up the battery cells by cranking the generator. This will power up your cannon, which you need to use to shoot down stray meteors that come hurtling towards the DOME. Also keep your eye out for air leaks in the DOME’s structure and make sure to plug them before your oxygen runs out!

Situate yourself at the Control Panel and get to work!

  • Power the Dome
    Turn the crank to power the dome.
  • Shoot Down Meteorites!
    Destroy them before they reach the dome!
  • Plug Air Leaks
    The oxygen in the dome is going down! Plug those leaks!

    Our Team

    We are D.O.M.E. (Doomed Overly-optimistic Mechanical Engineers). In only 2 weeks we built this game exercising the concepts learned in Smart Product Design Fundamentals course (ME 218A) at Stanford University: we created state machines, wrote code and pseudo-code, worked with an event-services framework and designed analog and digital circuits.

    From left to right: Gabriela Bravo-Illanes, Trey Weber, Riyaz Merchant and Rachel Thomasson.

  • Team